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TRANSPARENCY is one of the identity sign of NIJAR FRUCHT

Our company accomplishes what promises

NIJAR FRUCHT has an extensive experience in the agricultural environment and has a wide knowledge in the vegetables of the “Huerta de Almeria”

In the current location we have been since 2017, but we have more than 20 years of experience in the sector and operating continuously in other facilities

Another identity sign is FIDELITY

And above all, it keeps in mind that your farmers and customers are her main asset.



Los Grillos km 4, 04117

San Isidro, Almería


Working Hours

Office: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m

Warehouse: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


NIJAR FRUCHT has an extensive experience in the agricultural environment and has a wide knowledge in the vegetables of the “Huerta de Almeria”. In the current location we have been since 2017, but we have more than 20 years of experience in the sector and operating continuously in other facilities. 

We work exclusively with TOMATO, ZUCCHINI AND WATERMELON. The varieties of TOMATO are PLUM, ROUND and VINE TOMATO.

We usually export to the most advanced countries in the European Union, especially to GERMANY, but also we export to FRANCE, POLAND, R. CHEZCK, ENGLAND, AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND and BENELUX.


Administration / Office

Packers and Warehouse

Specialized Engineers



 Business Management and Management


Direction and Warehouse Management


Our Tomato

In NIJAR FRUCHT, we have different varieties of TOMATO:

On the one hand, we have PLUM TOMATO, characterized for beying a hybrid variety, very meaty, a bit sweet, but very tasty and with a very thin skin. It is so called because of its elongated and oval shape. It´s a medium caliber tomato. There are different varieties of plum tomato, and although this type of tomato is used for cooking and for being commercialized in the markets, this variety is very valued in the preserved food industry.

On the other hand, we cultivate ROUND TOMATO:

It has two varieties: LOOSE and VINE:

VINE: One of its main features is its very powerful natural smell. It is usually commercialized in seven pieces packs (it depends on the customer needs). It is a medium – small caliber tomato, very meaty, with a very deep red colour.

LOOSE: This is one of the first known varieties. Durability Is its main feature, which produces a long harvest of this type of tomato. It´s a very deep red colour with green dyes in some parts. Its average weight is 160 – 200 grames and It is usually cultivated in Autumn. It is a long life tomato.

Our most usual makings are bulk tomato, plastic box, flow-pack or hinge pack and mesh. 

Some of our most demanded tomato makings are:


– 6 kg in bulk

– 10 x 500 grs as in hinge tub

– 10X1  kg as much in Flow tub

– 6 x 1kg in mesh




– 6 kg in bulk.

– 3 kg Alveolo.

– 6 kg Alveolo.

– 10 x 500 gr ein tube.


– 6 kg in bulk.

– 5 kg in bulk.

– 10 in bulk.

Our Zucchini

We have a very high-quality zucchini. The most usual makings are in bulk and mesh in different packages


Our most usual makings are:

From the “Huerta de Almeria”:

10 x 1 Kg Mesh.

10 x 500 g Mesh.

6 x 1 Kg Mesh.

5 Kg Bulk

10 Kg Bulk

Our watermelon

These are our WATERMELONS varieties:

One the one hand, we have the BLACK SEEDLESS WATERMELON. This is usually largest than the other types of watermelons. A delicious taste, a crunchy texture and a very intense red coloured flesh are their main features.

On the other hand, we grow the STREAKED SEEDLESS WATERMELON. Their features are very similar to the black one.


By last, we cultivate the MINI SANDIA. This is a hybrid variety and its average weight is 2 Kgs. It is very green coloured and round-shaped. It has also a very crunchy texture and a quite sweet taste.Although it usually has some seeds, they are very few and small ones.


    We commercialize all our watermelon varieties in bulk. Some of our main packages are:


    Cardboard box 60 x 40 x 18.

    EPS 216


    Cardboard box 60 x 40 x 23.

    EPS 246.

    Extensive Experience


    Product from Almería

    More than 50 Hectares of productive land



    We have the trust of more than 100 agricultuists and collaborators, who rely in Nijar Frucht their vegetable productions to continue being a reference in agriculture export in “La Comarca de Nijar”. Besides, we have more than 50 hectares of own productive land, which complements the wide production of NIJAR FRUCHT.



    We have a very modern facilities with the main mechanisms and the agricultural machinery which permits us to export all our vegetable production with all the guarantees to the whole UE. Our facilities are around 4000 square meters.

    Noticias Agricultura

    16 Sep 2019

    El temporal deja pérdidas millonarias

    Las lluvias caídas en los últimos días, dejan a los agricultores con grandes pérdidas

    13 Sep 2019

    La gota fría en Almería arrasa invernaderos

    Los invernaderos almerienses no soportan la fuerza de la gota fría, como ocurrió hace unos años


    Paraje Los Grillos Km 4, San Isidro
    Phone Number: 950 80 27 72
    Email: info@nijarfrucht.com

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